Cantorial Resources Online

Cantorial Resource Texts

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide
A wonderful collection of prayers, old and new.
See in particular “A Musician’s Prayer“.

Te’udat Shelomo
1718 Hazzan’s Manual. If you have the Hebrew chops, a great read!

Ashkenazi Cantorial Music

CantorEsq on Mediafire
An amazingly comprehensive collection of recordings of chazzanus. Notably contains recordings of Selichos services, Shalosh Regalim, and Shabbat Services from some of the cantorial greats.

DafYomi Review and Chazzanus Recordings

Digitale Sammlungen Universitätsbibliothek (Goethe Universität)
An extensive digital collection of PDFs of  books and music. Notably, this database includes PDFs of cantorial anthologies by Abraham Baer, Gershon Ephros, Solomon Sulzer, Louis Lewandowski, Samuel Naumbourg, and others.

K’hal Adas Yeshurun Jerusalem

Nusach from the Old Broadway Synagogue

Save the Music is dedicated to saving and promoting Jewish music by finding old recordings, enriching them with lyrics, translations, transliterations, sheet music, biographies of performers, composers, etc. digitizing the songs including Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino and Chazonish music, and making all this information available on-line to young performers and everybody interested in Jewish music.

Dutch Cantorial Music

The Levisson Institute Online Music Library
Dutch courses with recordings and PDFs of Dutch Jewish Nusach.

Jewish Music Online Communities

Jewish Music UK

Jewish Shul Music

Sound Archives

Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive
An extensive collection of digitized Jewish music recordings! You must have a login to access DJSA, but you can petition for one on their site.

Florida Atlantic University Jewish Sound Archive
The primary mission of the Judaica Sound Archives at FAU Libraries is to collect, preserve, and digitize Judaica sound recordings; to create educational programs highlighting the contents of this rich cultural legacy; and to encourage the use of this unique scholarly resource by students, scholars and the general public.

Spanish-Portuguese Cantorial Music

Liturgical Music of Shaarey Shamayim in London
Spanish-Portuguese liturgical music. This site contains almost the entire cantorial repertoire of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation of London – “Kahal Kadosh Shaar Hashamayim” – which was established in 1656 and is the oldest Jewish community in the British Isles. 

London Sephardi Music
Recordings of the liturgical music of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London, by Rabbi Jonathan Cohen. (His companion website, London Sephardi Minhag, is also worth seeing).

Sephardic Cantorial Music

Y’dei Avraham
Online resource for Spanish-Portuguese nusach and chazzanut.

Sheet Music Archives

Belf Klezmer Tunes

Brown University Digital Yiddish Sheet Music Collection Jewish Music
Recordings of old and new Jewish melodies.
Comprehensive site on Jewish Liturgical Music (chazzanut), with a large collection of cantorial music scores, midi sound, annotated links and background information. Notably contains publications by Max Bruch, Yossele Rosenblatt, and Solomon Rozumni.

Choral Public Domain Library

Harvard’s Loeb Music Library Digital Archive
Lots more PDFs of scores, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Ilana Kravitz’s Klezmer Collection

International Music Score Library Project / Petrucci Music Library
One of the largest collections of public domain musical works on the internet.

Jewish Theological Seminary Digital Music Collection

Johns Hopkins University Levy Digital Music Collection

Holy Blossom Temple Singers Sheet Music Archive

Klezmer Scores


Klezmonauts Score Library

St. Petersburg Score Collection
The Society for Jewish Folk Music in St. Petersburg, the first Jewish musical institution permitted in Russia, founded in 1908. With its emphasis on folkloric collection, new Jewish music composition and performance, over time the Society included such young composers as Joseph Achron, Michail Gnesin, Alexander Krein, Moshe Milner, Solomon Rosowsky and Lazare Saminsky, among others, and it nurtured their work through its own publishing arm.

Virtual Klezmer

Songs, Zemirot, and Piyutim

Folksong Collector

Music Video-Clip Archive
Any links on this site will take you to YouTube to watch the corresponding videos. Nice to have all of these in one place.
A wonderfully extensive collection of piyutim, and recordings of their melodies.

Singable Song Translations
Provided by

Zemirot Database
A user-editable online collection of zemirot for all occasions.

Clergy Resources

Jewish Prison Chaplaincy Information


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