Tish’a B’Av Nusach

According to Abraham Baer’s Ba’al T’fillah (Frankfurt-am-Main, 1877)
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Baer begins Ma’ariv on Tish’a B’Av in Ahavah Rabbah (AR), like regular weekday Maariv.

  1. V’Hu RachumBaer #155 (AR)
  2. BarekhuBaer #156 (AR)

Only at the chatimah of the first paragaraph of Birkot Shema does Baer transition into special motifs for Tish’a B’Av, in Minor.

  1. Él Chai … HaMa’ariv AravimBaer #157-159
  2. Ve’Ahavatekha … Ohév Amo Yisra’élBaer #160, 158-159
  1. Shema
    At Shema, Baer indicates that we should continue as in the morning, which is in Ahavah Rabbah. I suggest maintaining the minor Tish’a B’Av motifs instead, since that’s where the ear of the congregation is.

    1. Ahavah Rabbah
    2. Minor (Tish’a B’Av Motifs)
  1. Adonai Elohékhem Emet – Minor (Tish’a B’Av Motifs)
  2. Umalkhuto BeRatson … Ve’Ameru KhulamBaer #161, 158-159
  1. Mi Khamokha
    At Mi Khamokha, Baer once again suggests that we do what the congregation knows from Weekday Shacharit, which is in Ahavah Rabbah. Instead, I suggest one of two directions: (1) Minor (Tish’a B’Av Motifs), or (2) since Mi Khamokha is the place where the cantorial tradition calls for a nigun deyoma (tune of the day), you might consider using the tune for the piyut Éli Tsiyon, foreshadowing our later ritual. Here is Mi Khamokha set to the Éli Tsiyon melody.
  1. Malkhutekha … Anu Ve’Ameru – Baer #162
  2. Adonai Yimlokh Le’Olam Va’Ed – Minor (Tish’a B’Av Motifs)
  3. VeNe’emar … Ga’al Yisra’él – Baer #163, 158-159
  4. Uv’Tsel Kenafekha … Shomér Amo Yisra’él La’Ad – Baer #164, 158, 165
  5. Yir’u Énénu … Ve’Al Kol Ma’asav – Baer #166, 158
  1. Chatsi Kaddish
    Chatzi Kaddish, according to Baer, should be in Weekday Minor, as usual. My rendition here incorporates some of the motifs used above. – Minor Tish’a B’Av Motifs

We proceed with the Amidah privately, after which the book of Eikhah is read. Following Eikhah, we continue as follows:

  1. Kaddish Shalém, omitting Titkabél – Weekday Minor
  2. Alénu – Weekday Minor
  3. Mourner’s Kaddish

* N.B. On Motz’ei Shabbat, Havdalah is delayed until Sunday evening.


B’rakhah Preceding (in Eikhah trop)
Transition from Eikhah trop to Haftarah trop (Jeremiah 8:21-22)


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