Stream of Consciousness

Day 3 of training concluded at camp.
Did you know before you can get calluses on your fingers from playing the guitar you have to endure blisters?
Really, it’s only been three days?
Tonight was the first night I didn’t fall into my tent.
And it took me fifteen minutes to find my tent instead of thirty. I didn’t have to hunt today.
I made some new friends.
I remember almost everyone’s name. Almost 100 people.
The rule of three: there should always be three people traveling together. One to get hurt, one to stay with the injured one, and one to get help.
Getting hurt is not a requirement. Generally, we encourage against it.
Shoes should always have back straps.
Music is amazing, and infuses everything.
Seven more days of training to go.
It feels like it has already been an eternity since I got here. That’s camp.
Is it still bedtime if I’m in a sleeping bag?
Lailah tov.


One thought on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. Yes, it feels like an eternity…and the month ahead looks endless. I’m surprised that the food is well, good (mostly, if not organic). I am walking something like 4 miles a day, which is amazing- my feet hurt, I feel stronger. So many B’nei Mitzvah students I don’t always recognize their faces. Staff omanut night is the best. Why is it always women?

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