Women’s Voices and Shir Ha-Shirim

Kolekh Arev: Women’s Voices and Shir Ha-Shirim

Please don’t miss my blog post on the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance’s website about whether women should read Shir Ha-Shirim publicly on Pesach! Chag Kasher v’Sameach!


Yishar Koach to Ruth Horowitz on a really wonderful reflection, getting us into the mindset of Nisan. (Chodesh Tov!)

Giving Up The Ghost


I cleaned my kitchen floor the other day. This may not seem noteworthy to you. But to me, sad to say, it is.

It’s not like we’ve been wallowing in filth. We don’t have kids or pets, and we take shoes off at the door, so we don’t track in a lot of dirt from outside. When we notice a major spill, we’re pretty quick to sweep it up. Sometimes I even take out the broom just for good measure, in case there’s something I’m not seeing.

Even so, the floor was starting to bother even me. But even if it hadn’t, I could tell by looking at the calendar that a cleaning was in the cards. Just not quite yet.

Passover is a little over two weeks away. I don’t prepare for the holiday by scouring my oven or covering my counters with foil, and we don’t have a…

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